Hello, my name is Irenie. 

I grew up on the Isle of Lewis. One of a large family, music and art etc was an integral part of our lives. However, I didn’t get started with performing my own music until I was an adult.

 When I began to play the guitar, I found it suited me – my fingers mostly did what they were told. Over time, the addition of a loop pedal (a.k.a. one’s own private choir) has become a core part of my set.

 Over the years I have performed nationally and internationally, supported some amazing artists, played all sorts of festivals and on occasion popped onto the airwaves and various screens.

 Still alive and keeping on. See ya!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. kevin henderson

    Good evening, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful i think your song Turquoise is. My brother and I first heard you playing the Old fruit market (glasgow) with Rachel Sermanni 30-10-14. I was 15 at the time, now 23 and i still go back to listen to Turquoise. it will forever be a tune that moves me in many ways, i can’t articulate how much I love it. Thank you so much for writing it. I hope I hear you live again and maybe play some lead guitar for you some day. I hope you’re doing very well!

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    1. Hi Kevin,

      I hope you’re thriving. What a lovely message to get! I remember the gig, it was good fun 🙂
      It’s such an honour to hear your story and that you like something I’ve written.
      And you’re a guitarist! Very cool 🙂 I hope I can meet you one day.
      I’m doing great thank you.



  2. Colin Bell

    Don’t know why but a memory of your concert at the Meeting Place in Rutherglen popped into my head tonight, such a lovely atmosphere and the only concert I ever went to with tea and cake at half-time, they don’t get that at the Barrowlands 🙂 So pleased to read above you are doing great, long may it continue. I wilt in summer heat and am very much looking forward to autumn, I have so many books on my to-be-read pile! Take care and God bless.


    1. Colin! How lovely to hear from you! I hope you’re well?
      It’s funny when memories come up randomly 🙂
      Yes, autumn and winter go well with books – enjoy them to the full! I’m hoping that maybe with some free hours, I’ll be able to use the season for more music… Who knows.
      God bless you Colin, thanks for messaging xx


  3. Allan

    Wee surprise on the telly box… ALT on BBC alba. You kept that quiet. Hopefully hear you perform in person at some point in the next year or so. Been too long since yon Brew At The Bog, and Tchai Ovna days.

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  4. artsfols

    I blog about folk and acoustic music and am based in Ontario, Canada. Every year I compile a playlist of youtube performance sessions which is viewed mainly by family and friends. (These can be found by searching youtube on ‘artsfols’.) In past years I have included a video or two of your performances.
    I’ve just written a blog entry here and would like permission to include the photo from your web site. If it’s an issue, no problem, just say and I’ll delete it.
    Here is the blog entry.

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      1. artsfols

        My name is Henry Slofstra (= artsfols backwards). Are you Scottish then? English? I guess that I can’t really can’t sort out all the different accents and will correct the entry. Don’t know why I felt so sure you were Irish.
        Although my own background is Canadian, I was born in the Netherlands. Slofstra is a Frisian name.


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