Hello, my name is Irenie. I grew  up on the Isle of Lewis. 

My siblings and I were brought up with lots of music and musical instruments in the house. The music that I always go back to is Scottish traditional even though I like a lot of different kinds. I’ve been told that when we were wee, my little bother and I couldn’t help bobbing to it, even if we were grumpy… 

 I love soundtracks. That’s where I’ve come across most songs I know. I find that the visuals and audio enhance each other so much that I end up with surprising favourites.

 When I began to play the guitar, I found it suited me – my fingers mostly did what they were told. Because I didn’t know many/any songs, I decided to write some. I first sang in public by myself, singing my own songs, in 2010. It was scary but surprisingly ok. Stornoway was a great place to start because there’s such a tight music community. Everyone is lovely and kind. Over time, the addition of a loop pedal (a.k.a. one’s own private choir) has become a core part of my set.

 Since then I have played in and around the UK (and in Sweden, Belgium and Austria too!), supporting amazing artists, playing festivals and getting to be on the radio and TV – crazy!

 Still alive and keeping on. See ya!


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