Hello, hello.

Here I am!

I went to Belgium in October. I really like Ghent. It’s one of the most beautiful urban places I’ve ever seen.


This trip is the second, made possible by XpoNorth, Excite and Puppunt. I don’t mind.

Paige, my manager (she’s awfully awesome), and I get into a flying metal box. My innocent guitar has to be fought for at every gate and door. ‘Game Face’ we tell ourselves. Occasionally, an official likes to flex their bullying muscles. Their job must be a tough place to keep happy, especially with endless streams of aggrav… I mean agreeable musicians.

Step in Time“:


We meet three lovely management students in Hasselt and get shown round the college/ex slaughter house – PXL music. Their canteen meals are delectable!

Travel is by double decker train to and from Ghent. One UNI radio show and one gig at the Charlatan in Ghent. One gig/festival in Hasselt at Play Festival in the Muziekodroom.




Making my mark at the Muziekodroom:


In Ghent we eat a meal that is so good we go back and have the same again the next day!


Team photo!


At one interesting point, a nice sweetie shop lady shoos us out of her shop because I ask where we can buy bananas. Dear Mrs Sweetie Shop, if you read this, I’m sorry.

The whole trip was really very fun. I was/we were looked after like a queen/queens!